Monday, April 30, 2012

Black construction paper

Some Ideas for Lobject's Leftovers

A lamb’s head, an owl’s eyes, the pot a leprechaun was always chasing at the end of a rainbow, and a cat’s whole body – except for his nose, eyes, and perhaps his whiskers. 

A panda in patches, a snowman’s coal eyes and top hat, an entire ant with all six legs, a penguin – except for his tummy and beak.

A spider and even its web, a bat flapping in the night sky, and the backdrop of snow falling on a cold, winter night.

A ladybug’s body and her spots, a witch’s hat and dress, a zebra in splotches, a bowling ball with the holes placed to make a triangle.

The stenciled letters on a yellow school bus, a bumblebee’s stripes and stinger, most of a milking cow, and even the body and antennas of a fluttering butterfly.

Santa’s belt, strips for a tiger, a birthday card claiming someone is “over the hill," a watermelon’s seeds, Dora’s haircut into a bob.

While I am sure there are more, these are some of the ways you could use the black construction paper that is always leftover from those colorful packs.

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