Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3: Lobject's favorite sweatshirt

With Her

I’m first picked on cold, rainy days, second to wine after
work. I’ve cuddled her near campfire smoke after dancing
with Rainbows , stilettos, jean skirts, and kids t-shirts. I’ve
stolen sips of Bud Light, drags of Marlboros that smudged.  
I’ve squeezed in beach bags, duffle bags, school bags, purses,
carry-ons suitcases. I’ve seen inside Dowdy Ficklin Stadium on
game day mornings and felt energetic classrooms echo the
halls. I’ve run out the door last minute before road
trips. I’ve shimmied through pools of suds weighty with
tank tops, yoga pants and sports bras and wrapped her
in butter-filled movie theaters. I’ve watched her singing,
screaming “Salvation Song” in a smoky crowd jumping
up and down. I’m always on top, closest to her laughing.


  1. I love this piece, but I love most the closing words: "I'm always on top, closest to her laughing." Magic.

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