Monday, April 30, 2012

Favorite sweatshirt

When I think of The Cosby Show, which is probably too often to be proud of, my thoughts usually find their way to one classic character from the early episodes.  Peter, Rudy’s friend, was round and quiet, a follower more than a leader but not afraid to be the only boy at Rudy’s slumber party.  Whether Peter and Rudy were attempting to make grape jelly – an attempt that ended with his classic running exit out the Cosby's front door and a mess in the their kitchen – or Cliff’s leg attempting to be an equal opportunity horse, even with the hefty Peter, he always seemed to have on the same, basic uniform:  an 80’s sweat suit. 

I wonder what Peter liked about them so much.  Was it the comfort of the forgiving elastic waist, their casual and laidback style, the security of the elastic around the ankles, or maybe the sweat suits were hand-me-downs from an older sibling?  Even if someone on the show had asked Peter, I doubt he would have provided an answer.  He rarely spoke at all.  But, if he had decided to voice his answer, I believe it would go something like this:  They are my favorite.

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