Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8: Lobject’s penguin

She kicked him out once a week. It was her apartment, so he left like an abandoned dog. He never argued, knowing she was right. This week, he didn’t take her to dinner and a romantic comedy as planned. Last week, he didn’t have enough gas to pick her up on the way to his parents’ house and she’d never be able to find it off the country roads by herself; she still hasn’t me them.
She cooked him dinner and smiled as he talked about his day. He likes to watch cartoons and It’s Always Sunny on her soft couch after work. Her apartment smells like flowers and God. Before her, he never knew sheets could feel like clouds, never knew one woman could be so sweet. He tells her he lies. “You don’t really know who I am. I have secrets.”  She laughs, winks, squeezes his hand.
She knew nothing about him except that he lied and worked 12 hour shifts at a paper plant. He admitted to lying, and she found comfort in straight-forward deceit. She couldn’t ever love him. He wouldn’t ever hurt her. She couldn’t cook for one and didn’t like giggling alone on the couch. So, it worked when the dishes made it into the dishwasher and the top to the two-liter of Coke got screwed on tightly.
He spilled apple juice in the fridge and didn’t tell her. He didn’t want her to be mad. That night, he held her closely on the cloud, knowing he’d get pushed off in the morning. She was usually late on Mondays but had time to smack the covers. “Leave. Now.” She couldn’t understand why he didn’t clean up the juice before it flowed into the vegetable bags, covered the Tupperware of leftovers, and invaded her ham sandwich that should have been lunch.
She typically texts back after an I’m sorry, babe. Three days later, he realizes she’s had enough and he never even tried. He leaves a stuffed penguin on her porch, tucks two movie tickets under an arm, and begs her via text to walk outside. She’s touched by the stuffed animal then mortified by the movie tickets. Mr. Poppers Penguins is far from a chick flick. That’s all she wants. Even if it is a lie.     

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