Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 18: Lobject's house key

Day 18: Lobject’s house key
We moved into our first house a week before last Christmas. It was a surprisingly sunny day, especially since the year before we had blistery weather, including a white Christmas.
After packing for weeks and staying up almost all the night the day before the move to organize boxes in the garage, it was moving day. Friends and family showed up in comfortable clothes and (free) APA t-shirts. This is the only time these cheap shirts we get for playing pool league come in handy. The ladies and I cleaned the old house while the guys took care of the heavy lifting. After each box was off the truck at our new house, my husband and father-in-law changed the locks.
My husband proudly handed me a plain silver key. My first key to our house shined. There was nothing wrong with it except it had no personality. Should keys have personality? I think so. I looked at the boring keys on my key chain and decided this shiny key wouldn’t do, didn’t look any different.
We went back to Home Depot the next day. I picked out a bright blue and black C
arolina Panther’s key. The Panther’s logo was proudly stamped on both sides on the key. This key says, I’m a Panthers fan. I cheer for the Panthers. Even when Delhome was the quarterback, I supported the Panthers. Win or lose,    they are my team. This key is sassy, loud, and opinionated—just the personality I was looking for.
Some people use interesting keys to differentiate one from another. Some people think they are fun. Me? My house key has attitude. It makes me smile. But, most importantly, it says, I’ll poke your eye out if I have to.   

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