Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 25: Pobject's blue stick pen

  • Not mine and Kim’s: shaped by data from Jeff, info from depts. and pgms., conversations involving 18 people who met frequently
  • see this “coarsely”: 48-48-24 & integration (framework) & philosophy
  • details will come later. We need not make decisions now.
 -- Patrick Bahls, notes from the April 27, 2012
plenary meeting of the UNC Asheville
Curriculum Review Task Force
(written with a blue stick pen)

We growled like tigers
slowly circling each other.

Jokes were made stillborn.

They: bore up brick buildings that
did not bend.
I: sat upon a bamboo
bridge and felt their footfalls
draw near to where I was.

      Pen on my paper,
waiting for the words to come to me,
I sat. I wrote:

“My goal is to contextualize”

We talked and tried to listen, but their walls
were wax stoppers in their ears. My bridge shook
                                                                                                too much.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful goal you were able to articulate with (blue) pen and paper! I always seem to forget to contextualize until it is, possibly, too late.

    I love the imagery you have going on here: what's that movie? About the crouching tiger, hidden dragon. I am not sure that relates, but some related images popped up in my mind. :)