Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16: Lobject’s hip flask

I’m sure there are other purposes for flasks besides alcohol. There have to be, right? I’ve only seen rounded, silver flasks containing liquid eager to be sipped, poured and chugged.
My husband and I got in a fight before we got married. (Of course, only one fight.) We were sitting at a small table for two at Wild Wok reviewing some of the last wedding details. On our wedding day, I wanted wine in the room with me and the bridesmaids as we got ready. He could not believe it, stating very matter-of-factly he would not drink before the ceremony. He accused me of having to be drunk to marry him. I was on fire. “I will not be drunk. I just want something to calm my nerves.” Ten minutes later, we got our noodles to go. In his defense, I was a complete crazy woman for months leading up to the big day. This issue, nonetheless, was important to him. I promised to only drink a little, and I kept my promise.
On the day of our wedding, the guys knotted their ties downstairs and we curled and lined upstairs with a few bottles of wine. The men ran out of beer quickly. There was a tap at the door. I laughed because they needed more alcohol and wine would do.
After the ceremony but before the pictures, I glance over at my husband of maybe 15 minutes. He was smiling, talking to a groomsman. Then, the sun caught the silver flask like a bright flash in my eyes. With his head back, he lifted the flash completely, empting its contents into the back of his throat. It was clear this wasn’t the first sip of moonshine he had that day, but it was the last. Not 20 minutes after we said “I do,” the moonshine was gone. The lonely flask glistened in the blinding October sun. I watched it out of the corner of my eyes as I smiled for each camera.

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