Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 18: Pobject's favorite sweatshirt

Some time ago I noticed that its cuffs had started to pull apart.

"I could sew those back together for you," Maggie said.

"I could do it myself if I wanted to." I like them how they are. It makes it easier to roll them up once I'm warmed up on a long run.

While it's showing signs of age, its white lettering clings tenaciously to the front. It helps that I'm not so diligent about washing it. I tell myself: it rarely comes in contact with my skin, so how dirty can it be? Some of its essence of soaked-in sweat is lost each time it touches laundry soap.

Of the many millions of garments ever made, how is it that this one came to be mine?

It could as well have been the one behind it, had I come an hour later. Would that one have been my favorite then? "I wrote this song two hours before we met," Jarvis Cocker sings.

You might meet some who are hard to love, but give it all you've got. After all, you can never really love the ones you never meet.

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