Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Riffing off Patrick's

Puddin ain’t no thing
I’d never call nobody.
It just don’t sound right.
Honey I can handle, dripping off a stick,
and shugga’s got its sweet. But
puddin’s like daddy, doll, or baby –
you and I ain’t any of those things.

Pudding ain’t no thing
I’d say no to.
It just don’t sound right.
Sitting in the bowl, dripping off a beater,
And – sugar! – it is sweet.  Still warm
After mom made it in the sticky, chocolate
Summer afternoon. Saying no to that
Ain’t nothing you and I would do.

Children mocking at cafeteria tables and
Parents pushing healthy habits echo the same
Call:  You are what you eat!

With all the things that we eat, sugar,
Ain’t it a wonder we got names at all?

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